Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Try it On for Size

What is that old saying, "If the shoe fits..."

Well, what if you are trying to change your life and the shoe, literally doesn't fit..but you want to try to go for it anyway?

Well, that is EXACTLY what happened to me this week...

I LOVE my mom, and I LOVE her friend Yvonne. Well, Yvonne is like super duper tall and lean.
That being said, she has long and big (for a 10lb dog, anyway), jeans.

But man do I think they are hip.

Plus, I like her smell (dogs like smells, you know).

So after I noticed that Yvonne's jeans were lying on the floor the other day, ready for washing, I thought maybe I would jump in and try them on.

Well, as I suspected, they didn't look "cool" or "hip" on me, but MAN did I LOOK CUTE.

Everyone said it.

My mom even took cheap cell phone pics (see profile pics). of me she was so proud.

And I learned something new in the process.

Even if you aren't sure how something is gonna feel, and even if you won't look "cool" when you are doing it; it is always worth a try.

I mean, my little endeavor brought joy galore to a bunch of human kinds, and it got me A WHOLE LOT OF CUDDLE TIME LATER.

Today's Challenge: Just because something may not seem to "fit" you today, that doesn't mean trying new things won't benefit you. Try something you have always wanted to try, but didn't have the guts to. Write or share about your experience.


  1. Recently I was told to get a regular riding jacket with armor, in order to be safe on my fast scooter. Well Sam, I didn't like the idea, looked funny, etc. BUT I got such in the habit, that I now wear it all the time. I gives me greater confidence that if/when I DO roll over(!!), I won't break as many bones.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share this.

    Peace, all you Pups!

  2. Great message. It's good for dogs and for people.

  3. and peace to you my new friends:)