Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sit. Stay......

Jump up and Down!

So, I somehow learned to "master" the art of mini-dog swimming yesterday, but, darn, did I sleep like a stone last night. I woke up thinking, "Well, no day could possibly compare to yesterday's fun at the beach, today is going to be boring for sure," when a curious thing happened.

One of my bestie doggie friends, Macie Mae, lives next store, but lately her mommy has been working so much that I never get to see her anymore:( I kind of thought she was gone for good, because sometimes, just like people, dog's have that "black-and-white" thinking; when, SHAZAM, her mommy called mine and said,

"I'm working from home, can Sammy PLEASE come over."

Well, just so you have SOME idea of how exciting this is for me, I mean, I wait at Macie's door daily to see if she will come out to play, so when the door actually OPENED for me today, I did some kind of kick up flip around move and leapt on in.

And, boy, did we play! So much so that I'm now nodding my eyes as I write this....curling myself in a ball and....dozing off..

Oh, before I get too comfortable and curl up to my woobie, though, just a little challenge for YOU today.

Remember, that just because you have fun one day doesn't mean the fun is all gone the next. Holding on to things tightly means you don't get the space to enjoy the good that is just around the corner. And, BOY, today's surprise sure was good.

Hope I get to do it again tomorrow...

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