Saturday, September 26, 2009

Okay, So....

Okay, so, I've put on a few lbs (or, at least a few centimeters on my waist); at least that is what Mom's friend Amy said on her visit this week.

Well, as a little doggie with a reputation to maintain, that weight comment sort of hit me like a ton of raw hides.

I mean, yes, I like to take a little treat every now and then, and, yes, I am not afraid to admit that I stare at my mother until she can't help but give me a few bites of this or such and such.

But, man...I never thought weight gain would effect my ego as much as it has.

And then I started thinking,

What has changed in my little puppy life that might have made the difference?
And the answer was surprising to me...


I have been playing with my friend Macie more often, as well as doing fun things like trying on Yvonne's jeans (see few posts back) and going to the beach and sleeping under the covers.

Cool stuff like that, you know.

And it was then that I realized, the reason I have gained weight (and we are talking only a teensie tiny bit here anyway, I mean, let's face it I am so bloody cute that who wouldn't want more of me to love) is because I have felt so free and happy I just haven't had the time to focus on something that previously was so big in my life it felt like a cat on a hot tin roof.

In other words, I am happy:)

You know, sometimes when we are happy it is OKAY to let go of other things that just don't matter anymore...especially things that aren't harming us in any way.

Today's Challenge: Ease up on yourself. You didn't get sober to be miserable and scan every nook and cranny of your body and soul for imperfections...If you notice a new imperfection today, it could be because you are happier and more comfortable with yourself than you were before.

For today, just say to yourself, OKAY, SO.....


  1. I love hearing this joy you have. Isn't the best part is that you recognize yourself having this joy. I thank you for visiting One True Self and following my work. I see to my right here you even have me on your blog roll. WOW! Thanks so much. I will be spending more time reading through your posts in the days to come and I know I'll enjoy them as much as I did this one. MOST OF ALL...I'm so glad you found sobriety!

  2. OK, SO You know, sometimes when I am happy it is OKAY to let go of other things that just don't matter anymore...especially things that aren't harming me in any way.

    That is called WISDOM, my friend! And you said it, of course.

  3. Did I already mention that "Sam's blog" is probably my favorite--on several levels. A unique way to talk character defects, through the eyes of a little puppy...who has "put on a few lbs."