Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ride the Wave

Man, some days, you just have to go with a splash...

Today, I was enjoying one of the last super sunny days we will have here in Chicago by running after my ball, yet again, on the beach, when I got a whole bucket of water up my snouty little nose..


The good news?

Instead of peddling my little paws to swim back to shore again (and risk getting more water up my nose), I discovered how to "ride the wave" back to shore.

I learned a lesson in my nose shower after all.

When I swim against the wave, fighting it every step of the way, my nose gets splattered and I can't reach my destination (plus, I cough a whole lot too:(...but when I RIDE the very wave that frightens me, I not only have more fun during my playtime, but I arrive safely back to shore.

Today's challenge: Go with the flow. Don't suffocate yourself by fighting life's flow. Surrender to it, and you just may be surprised with the results.

And, Let's face it, no matter how much you fight it, that water will ALWAYS win...

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