Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can't Talk....

Still have the blue ball in my mouth....(see yesterday's post)

Sometimes, new things stay new for more than a few hours; especially when you treat them with a grateful and delicate touch!

Be back tomorrow:)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Something Old, Something....


I got a new ball toy thing and, guess what? My mommy's friend Yvonne found it on the street.


I have toys and toys galore that cost quite a sum of money, but this one seems to be the best toy I've ever had..and it is just a little plastic ball with a frowny face on it.

This toy, though, sqeaks and is blue and causes my the very opposite of a makes me jump and jump and flip and run and even stair at my toy bin after mom puts it away for the night (for like 20 minutes just staring and missing it).

And the weird thing is this...

Who would have ever thought I'd like a used toy more than a brand spanking new one?

Boy, did I learn a lesson this week from this toy....

Others people may discard things that may mean something extra special to me.

Today's Challenge: Don't discard an idea, an item, a conversation or a person just because that seems to be "what other people seem to be doing." You might find a true gem!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sleep In

Sometimes, when you've been doing everything "right," you just have to take a load off.

At least, that is what I learned this morning.

We lost power in our house...the whole neighborhood did, and there was this loud BOOM when it happened.

But, you know what? I didn't even bark.

I slept right threw the whole affair, in fact...

Sometimes, you just have to remember that things will be taken care of without your intervention.

And sleeping in might even save you the trouble of having to run around barking at everyone else about what to do.

And, you know what? Without any of my help; without any of my commenting, the power got fixed anyway!

Today's Challenge: Keep your mouth shut. Close your eyes and focus on the quiet within. You'll find that the world moves on just fine without your input.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Okay, So....

Okay, so, I've put on a few lbs (or, at least a few centimeters on my waist); at least that is what Mom's friend Amy said on her visit this week.

Well, as a little doggie with a reputation to maintain, that weight comment sort of hit me like a ton of raw hides.

I mean, yes, I like to take a little treat every now and then, and, yes, I am not afraid to admit that I stare at my mother until she can't help but give me a few bites of this or such and such.

But, man...I never thought weight gain would effect my ego as much as it has.

And then I started thinking,

What has changed in my little puppy life that might have made the difference?
And the answer was surprising to me...


I have been playing with my friend Macie more often, as well as doing fun things like trying on Yvonne's jeans (see few posts back) and going to the beach and sleeping under the covers.

Cool stuff like that, you know.

And it was then that I realized, the reason I have gained weight (and we are talking only a teensie tiny bit here anyway, I mean, let's face it I am so bloody cute that who wouldn't want more of me to love) is because I have felt so free and happy I just haven't had the time to focus on something that previously was so big in my life it felt like a cat on a hot tin roof.

In other words, I am happy:)

You know, sometimes when we are happy it is OKAY to let go of other things that just don't matter anymore...especially things that aren't harming us in any way.

Today's Challenge: Ease up on yourself. You didn't get sober to be miserable and scan every nook and cranny of your body and soul for imperfections...If you notice a new imperfection today, it could be because you are happier and more comfortable with yourself than you were before.

For today, just say to yourself, OKAY, SO.....

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dream a Little Dream

I like looking at other dogs.

Especially the big ones.

Man, do I wish that just for one day I could be as big and burly as dogs that are like Newfoundland size and stuff.

I sometimes even accidentally compare their outsides to my insides.

Some days, I even pretend like I am this huge dog, to the extreme that I really only like to play with the "big kids" at the park....

Always trying to keep up with the other doggie kids, so to speak, but at a little over 10lbs, I look like a polka dot in the middle of the playing field.

I think people must feel tiny in this big world sometimes too.

I am cuter than custard when I run behind the big crew of dogs, and I always strive to keep up, even though I am always at the end of the line, but...


It is okay to look outside of yourself for ideas of how to grow, but don't let another puppy's outside determine your level of success on the inside.

After all, your "lungs" may be the strongest ones on the playground.

Today's Challenge: Even though you may not be "at the head of the pack," when it comes to recovery, this may mean you are getting the best workout of all. Speed doesn't indicate the level of one's committment, OR one's growth.

For today, be gentle with yourself and honor wherever it is you are in your recovery. You deserve it.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Try it On for Size

What is that old saying, "If the shoe fits..."

Well, what if you are trying to change your life and the shoe, literally doesn't fit..but you want to try to go for it anyway?

Well, that is EXACTLY what happened to me this week...

I LOVE my mom, and I LOVE her friend Yvonne. Well, Yvonne is like super duper tall and lean.
That being said, she has long and big (for a 10lb dog, anyway), jeans.

But man do I think they are hip.

Plus, I like her smell (dogs like smells, you know).

So after I noticed that Yvonne's jeans were lying on the floor the other day, ready for washing, I thought maybe I would jump in and try them on.

Well, as I suspected, they didn't look "cool" or "hip" on me, but MAN did I LOOK CUTE.

Everyone said it.

My mom even took cheap cell phone pics (see profile pics). of me she was so proud.

And I learned something new in the process.

Even if you aren't sure how something is gonna feel, and even if you won't look "cool" when you are doing it; it is always worth a try.

I mean, my little endeavor brought joy galore to a bunch of human kinds, and it got me A WHOLE LOT OF CUDDLE TIME LATER.

Today's Challenge: Just because something may not seem to "fit" you today, that doesn't mean trying new things won't benefit you. Try something you have always wanted to try, but didn't have the guts to. Write or share about your experience.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cough Cough...

Sorry about no words of sammy wisdom today:)

My mom had to take the day off of work -- she just kept coughing and coughing.

And since I bark my posts and she types for me, I thought I'd give her the day off...

Back tomorrow with a bark and a smile...

Oh, and thanks to Samantha and Zac for wishing my mom to feel better.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Isn't always a bad thing...

So my mommy is SICK and sniffly which means, all my plans for the day have kind have been kicked to the curb like sunshine in December.


Well, so I spent the first part of my morning sort of depressed about the whole affair...staring out of my mom's bedroom window like I'd lost my best friend...

Then, suddenly, I realized that I got my morning walk, my yummy didleumptious breakfast, play time with Macie, and a treat to top it off. And it was only 8:30 AM...

In other words, every single thing I could need or want had been provided for me, but I chose to grunt and groan about not getting to go the beach or park or a 14 hour walk (see yesterday's post) until I finally decided to let it go.

That was at about 10 AM.

At that point I learned something. When your plans don't play out the way that YOU MADE A DECISION they would...then MAKE ANOTHER DECISION-to enjoy your day anyway and to be grateful for what you HAVE been given.

Generally, what you HAVE been given, is every bit as good as what you planned.


And anyway, when Mommy is sick that just means more cuddle time for me!!! Woot Woot.

Just for Today: When the day turns out like "sour milk," remember that you might get gourmet cheese:)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just Don't Quit

This morning was interesting. My mommy agreed to take care of my best friend Macie Mae for the weekend which is "wooty woot woot" fun for me.

That being said, when I have a friend over it seems I am expected to walk even LONGER DISTANCES.

Or at least that is my perception...

My mom decided to go with our friend Yvonne, Macie and me to the farmers market today, which is really cool because it benefits a local school that is re-building itself in the community.

Plus, there are really some cute dogs out there!

The sun couldn't have been any brighter or the sky any clearer; and mom EVEN remembered to bring my tub of water (I get super thirsty like every 30 steps...)

But, for some reason, even though the "adventure" sounded fun in theory, I fought my way almost the entire walk home (which was like 1.5 miles of EVERYONE having to stop, start, nudge and pull).

Got tired, didn't want to move, literally "dug my paws in" and refused to step forward, and looked at my mother and Yvonne (and my friend Macie Mae who was behaving perfectly) with these desperate eyes as though to say, "Why are you torturing me by making me go out and have a good time?"

Soooo, I didn't stop resisting - every step of the way home - and, you know what? I STILL had to walk and I STILL had to make it all the way home.

I guess what I learned today is that whether or not I fight it, I still have to finish the journey.

And, after all, even though I didn't know what to expect after walking and walking and walking and....

I am now sprawled out and sleeping soundly on a cool, clean wooden floor with the breeze coming at me through the windows.

Today's Challenge: Try, just for today, to accept wherever it is you are being led. No matter how hard you fight it, you will still have to go through it; and, the sooner you let go the sooner you will get to your destination.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lend a Helping Paw...

Somedays you need to put your best designed plans on hold and be there for someone else.

That is where I am today, anyway.

Some people say, "Dog is a man/woman's best friend," well, I say "We are made to make other people feel better in this world."

And that is what I hope I am doing for my human pal today.

I have a human pal who is really kind of blue and I've decided not to leave her side at all today.

Boy, I hope it is making a difference:)

The good news, not only am I showing up for someone else in this world, but I get to slow down, take it easy and forget about my own frustration with Moo stealing my favorite ball at the dog park yesterday.

Today's Challenge: Get out of your head by lending a helping paw to someone else.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Let Someone Else Take the Lead

Well, my hair is finally growing out from this military buzz cut thing my mom made me get this summer...

Boy, it didn't look so cute (kind of like a rat with some black-and-white fir on it), but man it kept me nice and cool this summer.

Now that I am getty fluffety fluff fluff again for the fall, I am having a hard-time adjusting to the change.

I mean, I don't like to complain, but I am having to get daily brushes, which aren't necessarily my favorite.

The good news?

I know that since my mom was right about keeping me cool and cut this summer, she is right about letting it grow and keeping me warm this fall.

I guess it is OKAY for me to let her make the decision for me; after all, she does seem to like me quite a bit...

Today's Challenge: Let someone else take the lead. Even if the results aren't actually what you imagined, they may turn out to be better for you than you think.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Stay Slim and Trim

Apparently, my appetite is shrinking, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I've been playing and running and spending so much time with my new pal Yvonne that I just haven't wanted to slow down enough to eat my entire plate of food.

The result?

I'm feeling trimmer and cuter already.

Today's Challenge: Get active and enjoy the physical abilities you have, while still being mindful and accepting of your limitations. Get your blood flowing, get your dance going, and try not to eat any junk food. It doesn't make you feel better anyway!

Well, maybe a little does here and there:)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ride the Wave

Man, some days, you just have to go with a splash...

Today, I was enjoying one of the last super sunny days we will have here in Chicago by running after my ball, yet again, on the beach, when I got a whole bucket of water up my snouty little nose..


The good news?

Instead of peddling my little paws to swim back to shore again (and risk getting more water up my nose), I discovered how to "ride the wave" back to shore.

I learned a lesson in my nose shower after all.

When I swim against the wave, fighting it every step of the way, my nose gets splattered and I can't reach my destination (plus, I cough a whole lot too:(...but when I RIDE the very wave that frightens me, I not only have more fun during my playtime, but I arrive safely back to shore.

Today's challenge: Go with the flow. Don't suffocate yourself by fighting life's flow. Surrender to it, and you just may be surprised with the results.

And, Let's face it, no matter how much you fight it, that water will ALWAYS win...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nap Time...

Sometimes, when you've had a long week, you JUST need to rest.

I mean, as you know, I've been playing and had playmates all week, and even though today's weather was, well, simply super-to-the-max play-time beach weather, I just had to make the choice to


and give myself some rest.

So, other than eating and going out to potty, I've been sleeping and sucking on my woobie most of the day..

Whew-Yee..Now, with all the hustle and bustle of the life of an active little pooch, somedays,


Today's Challenge: Find a feel-good-spot, and take a load off. There will ALWAYS be time to work and worry tomorrow...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Relate, and Don't Hesitate

Today, after another "spa" day at the beach (and, just to note, I'm swimming better every day), I am so beat I can hardly move.

The good kind of beat, if you know what I mean...

So, I've had some time to look around the living room walls and check out some of the artwork my mommy has around.

As I scanned the room a bit ago I liked what I saw. You know, bright colors and stuff, but when I got halfway around the room (which isn't that big to begin with), I saw this painting of this HUGE PINK CAT...

Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but not only do I not generally like cats (because they never want to play with me:(, but I also am not particularly fond of the notion of a pink cat.

I was all "in my head" about this, thinking about how not only does my mother have no taste in artwork, but also, that it was quite rude of her to think that bringing a painting of a pink cat into our home might be at all appropriate...


And so, it was with my agitation that I began to hobble my little legs over and look at the picture more closely.

I saw some words on the bottom of the painting...

Got a little closer...


And BANG, there it was....the letters S A M ....SAM
at the bottom of the painting..

I thought and thought and then I got the message.

My Mom had gotten that painting not to torture me, but because she loved that it had MY name on the painting...

Today's Challenge: Identify with Someone You Don't Necessarily Understand...It will help you like yourself better too. Oh, and, when you are convinced that someone is "out to torture you" by his/her actions, maybe, um, give him/her the benefit of the doubt today. You may be surprised at what you find...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sit. Stay......

Jump up and Down!

So, I somehow learned to "master" the art of mini-dog swimming yesterday, but, darn, did I sleep like a stone last night. I woke up thinking, "Well, no day could possibly compare to yesterday's fun at the beach, today is going to be boring for sure," when a curious thing happened.

One of my bestie doggie friends, Macie Mae, lives next store, but lately her mommy has been working so much that I never get to see her anymore:( I kind of thought she was gone for good, because sometimes, just like people, dog's have that "black-and-white" thinking; when, SHAZAM, her mommy called mine and said,

"I'm working from home, can Sammy PLEASE come over."

Well, just so you have SOME idea of how exciting this is for me, I mean, I wait at Macie's door daily to see if she will come out to play, so when the door actually OPENED for me today, I did some kind of kick up flip around move and leapt on in.

And, boy, did we play! So much so that I'm now nodding my eyes as I write this....curling myself in a ball and....dozing off..

Oh, before I get too comfortable and curl up to my woobie, though, just a little challenge for YOU today.

Remember, that just because you have fun one day doesn't mean the fun is all gone the next. Holding on to things tightly means you don't get the space to enjoy the good that is just around the corner. And, BOY, today's surprise sure was good.

Hope I get to do it again tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Swimming is Sweet

Well, I was sad this morning because I didn't get to go to work with my mommy. That was hard, because I like to be with her 24/7. I tend to be co-dependent that way. But I decided, well, heck, I should make the most of this, so I ate well, took a nap (on these amazing "butter" sheets and a featherbed) and asked my friend Yvonne to take me to the doggie beach. Who said you can't find happiness from looking around you?

75 and Sunny.

Slight breeze.

Cute Pomeranian to my right.

And a new friend to catch me as I swim all ten lbs of me back to the shore!

Now if that isn't living what is?

Today's challenge:

Get off your backside and do something that makes you smile, despite your current circumstances.