Saturday, October 31, 2009

Make Your Own Happiness

I have some really special qualities.
I'll admit it.

I mean, one of the things that makes me such a sweet and sober pup is that every single morning when my mom wants to sleep in (and I don't, of course), I find something to do to occupy my time without nagging, scolding or complaining about wanting things MY way.

I get up, find my favorite woobie and jump on the bed and cuddle and suck on it for an hour if I have too. I also spoon into my mom so that I can be close to her while I am still marching to the beat of my own morning drum.

The result?

I not only make my mom happy, but I have some of my own fun and learn that even if it is just me, I am more than enough company.

The rest is just gravy.

Today's Challenge: Do something on your own instead of waiting around for someone else to start your life for you.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sicky Sick

I have a droopy eye today so it means relax and letting momma take care of me like a baby.

She thinks of me like a baby, anyway.

Sometimes I hate being treated that way, because I want to be independent and stuff..
But it sure does feel good to have someone cuddle you and coddle you when you aren't feeling up to snuff.....

Today's Challenge: Surrender to receiving help. After all, receiving is part of giving to someone else.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Self-Forgiveness is the Key

Um...I was not a very good girl this weekend:(

I mean, it might have been the fact that I barked and went to bite one of the building workers on my way out for a morning potty.

Or, it might have also been the fact that I licked my mom's pillow all night one night so that she couldn't sleep. fact, that I barked the other of the two nights..

All night...

I love my moooommmy sooo much and all I really want, like everyone else in the world, is to be loved in return.

The thing is, my mommy forgave me a long time ago and loves me and isn't going to abandon me, like I sometimes fear she will.

But it is hard for me to forgive myself sometimes...

That is, until I realize that every moment I don't forgive myself is another moment I am not living in gratitude for all the positives and love in my life..and, of course, play time.

I mean, I got scolded and accepted consequences for my actions.

And, as just another dog in the world doing the best I can, that is about all I can accomplish for today.

Today's Challenge: LET IT GO. Just because you bark at someone or keep someone else up all night with your own stress, it doesn't mean you dont' deserve to be happy. We don't get sober to grovel before anyone!!!!! Say you are sorry and move on with your day. Oh, and try not to do it again next time.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Accepting Dependence

I HATE counting on human beings to get my needs met least some of the time, that is:)

I mean, in all honesty, sometimes I totes love it, because then I can be lazy and play and cuddle and stuff.

Damn, I am cute! I know it too, because my mom tells me.

In any case, sometimes being human dependent is soooo hard, because I like to go to the park NOW on days like today...60 and sunny...not a cloud in the sky...I JUST want to make a break for that glowing yellow ball.

That being said, I also know that sometimes, no matter how independent I might think I am (or you think you are), other dependence is necessary for survival.

And because of that, I choose to take the good with the bad.

And, of course, remember that I have the CHOICE to take responsibility for my day.

So, insteaD of feeling sorry for myself that my friend Yvonney is working and not taking me to the park, I am going to, what is left in the peanut butter jar..


Eat now, exercise later:)

Today's Challenge: Make the most of what you have been given in any situation. Stop complaining and start taking responsibility for your place in the world.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stick to It

I LOVE playing fetch. In fact, I love it sooo much that I forget how hard I have to run to keep up with my mommy challenging me to go faster and farther each time she throws.

I dont' know, I just can't resist the bold yellow tennis ball or the red squeaky ball toy I have glistening in the what will soon be snow on the ground and thinking, "I just HAVE to have that..."

I know this is a good form of exercise and fun for me, because it is the form of play that I always find myself coming back to.

And when you can trust something to always make you feel good (in a way that is safe and healthy of course-I always have parental supervision:) ), then why not use that as an "old faithful" when you aren't sure what to do?

That is how I live my life, and, boy, does it make me grin and cuddle a lot.

Today's Challenge: Think of something you have ALWAYS enjoyed and bring it back into a routine in your life. Not everything you did in your previous "life" was bad for you, you know...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fluffy and Fun

I am a butter ball of cuddle bumpkins today..
like a fuzz bomb has suddenly taken over my body.

This new "do" is taking getting used to, for sure.

Thank goodness my insides today don't match the new discomfort of my outsides......

Just for today: Look at your insides and make sure that is stable...then go from there..
the rest is oh so temporary.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Whistle in the Wind

Depending on where you live, the weather may be whistling with the wind of falling leaves and gusty breezes.

To me, it doesn't get any better than this!

You see, I have a built-in double coated body suit that keeps me sweating all summer and dancing with warm and fuzzy joy all fall and winter.

For that reason, I was able to take an EXTRA LONG walk today without huffing puffing or digging my "paws" into the ground and refusing to move.

I mostly like the Fall because it reminds me that things change. Leaves change, colors change, weather changes, relationships change and even little old dogs like me can change too!

And even though most of us HATE change, when we embrace it, possibilities abound.

What things remind YOU about the possibilities in life? What helps YOU to remember that change IS possible, even when you don't feel like it is EVER going to happen?

Today's Challenge: Make a list of things that help you to see the possibilities in life. Then go out and look for them.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cuddle Your Woobie

If you look to the right of today's post, you will see me all cuddled up with my FAVORITE woobie.

I mean, i never knew I could love a cuddle bug so much.

I am such a good girl in the mornings, that I look for my woobie, and even if I want to get up but mom doesnt, I will suck on my woobie until she is ready for me.

That's is because it gives me comfort.

Do you have anything in your life that you like to cuddle up to or anything at all that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling?

Today's Challenge: Cuddle up to someone you love or do something for yourself that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart. After all, the weather is getting colder, so you have to start to generate your own heat:)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quality Time....

Is not for the birds...

or, in my case, maybe it is better than the birds!

My mommy has been super duper busy lately, and I haven't gotten the chance to spend a lot of 1:1 quality time with her.

Well this morning I did.

We slept in...Rock it out.

And we went for a walk to our favorite coffee shop.

I even waited outside for her to come out and kiss me on the nose for being a good girl.

I was feeling a little lonely for her, but now that we had our special time this morning, things are looking up.

Plus, it helps me remember that I am not alone in this busy world.

Today's Challenge: Get in touch with someone who really matters to you; someone who you may not have had a chance to connect with lately. This does wonders for the soul. And who knows? They just might be missing you too.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back on Track

I'm back on track and eating like a champ again.

Boy, did I learn a lesson from turning my nose up at everything my mom and Yvonne tried to feed me.

Well, after a few days of having to stare at a bowl of food I couldn't even consider eating (yes, I am a food snob), I am now happily grateful for my original raw chiken/beef/lamb diet and eating it as soon as it hits the plate.

Today's Challenge: Be careful what you turn your nose up at, it might just come back to bite you in the butt....or at least leave you kind of hungry for a day or two.

Besides, what you have in front of your eyes may be more than substantial. Don't wait until you lose it to take notice.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


You just need a personal hygiene day!

At least that is what my mom says.

If I am being honest with myself I HAVE been playing a lot, and I HAVE been sleeping a lot during the times I am not playing...or eating...or peeping on the bed (see last post),

so I am, shall we say...a little bit stinky winky.

Mom says, no more excuses...BATH DAY.

She even ordered me some fancy shmancy Indigo Wild soap for I can smell like the girly girl I was meant to be.

Guess I'll put my toe in the water and take the splashes as they come:)

Today's Challenge: Stop trying to control others or avoid life and START taking care of yourself first.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Sometimes you need to learn that saying you are sorry EVERY TIME you make the same mistake just doesn't cut it:)

The answer is CHANGING the behavior.

Boy, did I learn that the heard way last night.

I have a tendency to REALLY like when my mom and Yvonne are home ALL the time.

Since they are home bodies, that doesn't seem to be a problem for me most of the time.

But, yesterday, it was a rare case that they were gone a lot during the day.

Well, I didn't like that things were not going my way, so I pottied all over the bed.


I mean, Yvonne loves me like so much it is hard to put into words, but she was so angry that I pottied yet again on the bed (like the fourth time in a few months) that even she was not wanting to play with me last night..

And Yvonne ALWAYS wants to play with me.

I even tried my cute and charming tactic, which is sitting on her chest and trying to smooch her right on the mouth, but even that didn't work.

What I learned from this was something positive though.

Continuing to play kissy face when I literally "leave my mess" all over another person's day PROBABLY isn't going to fly any longer.

I may be cute, but sometimes my behavior isn't.

Today's Challenge: Don't apologize today, do something different. That is FAR more of an "I"m sorry" than words will ever be. I know it, too, because I have been a good girl ALL day today and guess what? I got to go to the park and for a long walk. When we change our behaviors the good DEFINITELY outweighs the bad.