Friday, September 25, 2009

Dream a Little Dream

I like looking at other dogs.

Especially the big ones.

Man, do I wish that just for one day I could be as big and burly as dogs that are like Newfoundland size and stuff.

I sometimes even accidentally compare their outsides to my insides.

Some days, I even pretend like I am this huge dog, to the extreme that I really only like to play with the "big kids" at the park....

Always trying to keep up with the other doggie kids, so to speak, but at a little over 10lbs, I look like a polka dot in the middle of the playing field.

I think people must feel tiny in this big world sometimes too.

I am cuter than custard when I run behind the big crew of dogs, and I always strive to keep up, even though I am always at the end of the line, but...


It is okay to look outside of yourself for ideas of how to grow, but don't let another puppy's outside determine your level of success on the inside.

After all, your "lungs" may be the strongest ones on the playground.

Today's Challenge: Even though you may not be "at the head of the pack," when it comes to recovery, this may mean you are getting the best workout of all. Speed doesn't indicate the level of one's committment, OR one's growth.

For today, be gentle with yourself and honor wherever it is you are in your recovery. You deserve it.



  1. Ya know, Sam? I do believe this is my favorite blog--for consistency in content and for sheer "getting to the point" of "What's the point?"...

    Thank your mommy for helping with the penmanship.

  2. I love this statement: you said: "Speed doesn't indicate the level of one's commitment, OR one's growth."

    I am writing a piece right now about the Journey of becoming well! This is something I was pondering over just today. As a matter of fact I believe that slow growth is more steady and sure growth! Love this writing!