Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Swimming is Sweet

Well, I was sad this morning because I didn't get to go to work with my mommy. That was hard, because I like to be with her 24/7. I tend to be co-dependent that way. But I decided, well, heck, I should make the most of this, so I ate well, took a nap (on these amazing "butter" sheets and a featherbed) and asked my friend Yvonne to take me to the doggie beach. Who said you can't find happiness from looking around you?

75 and Sunny.

Slight breeze.

Cute Pomeranian to my right.

And a new friend to catch me as I swim all ten lbs of me back to the shore!

Now if that isn't living what is?

Today's challenge:

Get off your backside and do something that makes you smile, despite your current circumstances.


  1. cute idea! i was working on a book written from honeybear's perspective. ha! great minds think alike!

  2. "Silent" or "Sound" advice? Either way, it's GOOD! (Get off your duff, etc.) I'm adding your other blog to my sidebar list

    Thanks for "joining".

  3. awww.. Steve..that is amazing of you..thanks!!!!!
    I added yours:) ha...
    hope you are having a great day!