Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just Don't Quit

This morning was interesting. My mommy agreed to take care of my best friend Macie Mae for the weekend which is "wooty woot woot" fun for me.

That being said, when I have a friend over it seems I am expected to walk even LONGER DISTANCES.

Or at least that is my perception...

My mom decided to go with our friend Yvonne, Macie and me to the farmers market today, which is really cool because it benefits a local school that is re-building itself in the community.

Plus, there are really some cute dogs out there!

The sun couldn't have been any brighter or the sky any clearer; and mom EVEN remembered to bring my tub of water (I get super thirsty like every 30 steps...)

But, for some reason, even though the "adventure" sounded fun in theory, I fought my way almost the entire walk home (which was like 1.5 miles of EVERYONE having to stop, start, nudge and pull).

Got tired, didn't want to move, literally "dug my paws in" and refused to step forward, and looked at my mother and Yvonne (and my friend Macie Mae who was behaving perfectly) with these desperate eyes as though to say, "Why are you torturing me by making me go out and have a good time?"

Soooo, I didn't stop resisting - every step of the way home - and, you know what? I STILL had to walk and I STILL had to make it all the way home.

I guess what I learned today is that whether or not I fight it, I still have to finish the journey.

And, after all, even though I didn't know what to expect after walking and walking and walking and....

I am now sprawled out and sleeping soundly on a cool, clean wooden floor with the breeze coming at me through the windows.

Today's Challenge: Try, just for today, to accept wherever it is you are being led. No matter how hard you fight it, you will still have to go through it; and, the sooner you let go the sooner you will get to your destination.

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  1. We have ceased fighting everything and everyone--even alcohol. (Taken from Big Book of AA...but not a direct quote).

    When did dogs get so smart, Sammy?