Monday, October 26, 2009

Self-Forgiveness is the Key

Um...I was not a very good girl this weekend:(

I mean, it might have been the fact that I barked and went to bite one of the building workers on my way out for a morning potty.

Or, it might have also been the fact that I licked my mom's pillow all night one night so that she couldn't sleep. fact, that I barked the other of the two nights..

All night...

I love my moooommmy sooo much and all I really want, like everyone else in the world, is to be loved in return.

The thing is, my mommy forgave me a long time ago and loves me and isn't going to abandon me, like I sometimes fear she will.

But it is hard for me to forgive myself sometimes...

That is, until I realize that every moment I don't forgive myself is another moment I am not living in gratitude for all the positives and love in my life..and, of course, play time.

I mean, I got scolded and accepted consequences for my actions.

And, as just another dog in the world doing the best I can, that is about all I can accomplish for today.

Today's Challenge: LET IT GO. Just because you bark at someone or keep someone else up all night with your own stress, it doesn't mean you dont' deserve to be happy. We don't get sober to grovel before anyone!!!!! Say you are sorry and move on with your day. Oh, and try not to do it again next time.

1 comment:

  1. Daughter with BIG dog LOL at "licking the pillow", saying, "LUCKY does that!"

    And she "got" the recovery connection also. She'll be away soon to enter a 28-day program. When she returns 'home' I'll make certain she has an opportunity to read "STAYING SOBER WITH SAM".

    Thank you SO much. PEACE!