Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Accepting Dependence

I HATE counting on human beings to get my needs met least some of the time, that is:)

I mean, in all honesty, sometimes I totes love it, because then I can be lazy and play and cuddle and stuff.

Damn, I am cute! I know it too, because my mom tells me.

In any case, sometimes being human dependent is soooo hard, because I like to go to the park NOW on days like today...60 and sunny...not a cloud in the sky...I JUST want to make a break for that glowing yellow ball.

That being said, I also know that sometimes, no matter how independent I might think I am (or you think you are), other dependence is necessary for survival.

And because of that, I choose to take the good with the bad.

And, of course, remember that I have the CHOICE to take responsibility for my day.

So, insteaD of feeling sorry for myself that my friend Yvonney is working and not taking me to the park, I am going to, what is left in the peanut butter jar..


Eat now, exercise later:)

Today's Challenge: Make the most of what you have been given in any situation. Stop complaining and start taking responsibility for your place in the world.


  1. Such a smart puppy. We're expecting a new arrival in our house tomorrow, a "big" dog named Lucky. We've been dog-less for far too long...just a cat. Well, we'll letcha know how it all works out, OK?

    I have not complained for a long time--but damn it, my memory is failing---grin!


  2. OMG wow..what kind of dog? you are sooo lucky!!!!!!!!!! to get lucky!!!!!