Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Paying for the Consequences of Our Actions

So, as some of you, I like to eat..I like to eat a lot.
and, it turns out that all of my mom's friends' statements about me looking "bigger," "fuller," and, um, shall we say like chubby chubkins may actually be true..

Oh sure, like all good co-dependent/enabling mothers, mine kept saying it was just my winter coat..but, alas, the weight-gain is true and, alas, I have to "cut back" my eating habits substantially...This is not only hard on me, but hard on mom, because I am cute, you see and she loves to give me immediate gratification.

My mom's issues aside, I am responsible for my own happiness and I know to live a long, happy dog life, I need to cut back.

So, I am trying to remain positive, but definitely taking this calorie cut ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Today's Challenge: Be honest with yourself. Are you telling yourself that something you are doing, thinking or believing is true when it is all just a bundle of self-protective lies? Try to look inside and stop taking the easy route..You will undoubtedly pay the consequences in the end.


  1. Sam, I hope that you will stay healthy. I lost my dear old girl who lived to be 14. So eat healthily and enjoy living long.

  2. A new resident here is me. I am Lucky, a German Shepherd-type, who thinks the "fat" cat (who has lived here for 13 years) is my private wind-up toy.

    I am age 2, on a two meal-a-day plan, and wish my mommy would be more liberal, both politically and with food for Lucky!

    My motives are not always (never???) of the purest, and I am working on that. I can make "going to church" a bad activity.....