Sunday, December 20, 2009

Look in the Mirror and Like What You See!

Today, I decided to really take a look at myself and to, "You are a okay!" That would be nice, I thought, for a change, as opposed to finding every little part of my doggie hair or my figure that just don't work exactly like I want them too.

And after a good look, I think I am pretty cute, you?


  1. Sam, I think your doggie hairs and doggie figure ARE pretty cute.

    I should be so fortunate, looking in the mirror, and seeing someone I like--for a change! (It would probably be someone standing behind me.)

    Love ya, Puppy. Give your owner PEACE!

  2. You are a good dog. And those hairs are what protects your skin and what keeps you warm. Your shagginess is endearing.