Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Find a Balance

I like having my friend Honey Bear over.
I mean, after all, we play and tark (balk/talk) and rough house and cuddle.
She just came over for 5 whole days, which was cool, because I never had to be alone -EVER.

Like most good pups, I really, well, kind of like don't EVER want to be alone.

That being said, after a week or so of constant companionship, my mom and Yvonne both had to leave today to get some work done....

Well, as you might expect, I was not thrilled.....until, that is...I saw that mom was giving me a chicken flavored treat...AND put on the animal planet for me.

I mean, I GUESS I could find it in me to be a little uncomfortable for the sake of a treat.
And, after all, absence only makes the heart grow fonder:)

Today's Challenge: Take some time to be alone. Get yourself a treat. Relax.
Find something enjoyable about your personality. Trust that this alone time won't last forever. Nothing does.

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