Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gosh I Am Cute Today

Okay, so I had to go to the groomer yesterday, because, well, I stunk...

(hee hee).

I also had to get my woobie groomed because, well, it was stinky winked out as well...

pew wee....

I hate the idea of going to the groomer, but once I do, boy do I LOOOOVEE the drying part.
I even like to pretend like I am at the groomer when my mom does her hair in the mornings..woot woot!

Look at how beautiful I turned out..and a little lighter around the waste, if I do say so myself...

Today's Challenge: Do something you don't like the idea of, but know will make you feel better anyway.


  1. Now Sam, that IS a challenge. There are so MANY things I do not like the idea of, but would be good for me, make me feel better--I'm either overwhelmed but the number...or I just cannot decide WHICH one to do today...so nothing gets done.

  2. Sam, that is a good idea. I like getting groomed myself. Enjoy the day. Woof back at you.