Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Let the Breeze Lead You

I love sort of middle-of-the-road weather. I hate the heat, because I have a short snout. And I hate the frigid cold, because, well, I weigh like 12 lbs and I can't get into it. BUT, on days like today, I have learned to take time to let the breeze whistle through my ears.

Both of my mommies work from home now! Wooty woot and a root toot toot. Today, one of my mommies asked to open the windows, and I thought "Oh no, wait a minute, I'm used to the air conditioner, I don't think I like that change you very much.."...but then, I remembered, "Oh wait, you learned sometime ago that if you change is where your comfort zone ends.." and that is when I said, "Rock on. Open that window mommy."

And guess what?  Now I get to feel the sun on my face and canoodle with my doggie sister all day..to the sound of a cool breeze.

Today's Challenge:  Don't stick with your comfort zone. If you do, you will never know what it's like to enjoy a good old-fashioned cross breeze tingling on your nose.

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