Sunday, April 22, 2012

Holy Moly, what a week. So, we moved this week, and I have had some HUGE territorial issues in the new hood. I'd gotten pretty comfortable in the old neighborhood and when sounds popped up, I felt safe and knew what they were. As a lot of us already know, with change comes anxiety, and I've kind of gotten scolded a few times for my incessant barking:( Doesn't Mom know I'm just trying to be on high alert and keep her safe?!

Soooo......then, when I start getting in trouble for doing something that isn't working, I need to look inside...and when I look, I realize that my anxiety about the new and the unknown is spewing out and making my mom and the rest of our clan crazy and, thus, it isn't keeping them safe or protected at all.  Time to go look for ways to channel my own anxiety instead of taking it out on the rest of the family.....and the new neighbors!

Today's Challenge:  If you find yourself "protecting" your surroundings as a cover-up for anxiety, take a breathe, walk away and look inside to find out what it really is you are thinking and feeling. As sober pups, we are responsible for our own feelings, not for taking out our anxiety soup on those who love us most.

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