Saturday, April 28, 2012

Attention. What a topic, huh?  I love attention. So much so that I'll bark and talk and run around town to get it. And, then, all it does is make my mommy mad. Well, shoot. All I wanted was a little kiss or throw of a ball. But, I noticed something today. When I'm quiet and gentle, I end up getting attention that I want without even trying.  Note to self...forcing attention my way only makes people move further away from me...and that hurts. Letting people come to me requires a whole lot less work AND it makes me feel good. Who would have thought it could be that easy!  Well, I'm gonna go and cuddle next to my mom now and take a nap....knowing that all good is coming my way if I only sit still long enough to let it...

Today's Challenge:  Sit still. Stop moving so quickly that people can't get close enough to you to give you the attention you both desire and deserve.

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