Sunday, August 15, 2010

Miss People and Be Okay with It...

Here is me waiting for my mom at the door of the Paris in Chicago coffee shop. Boy do I miss her when she is away...

Today's Challenge: Let someone else know you care. Stop being ashamed of loving other people. It is a good thing.


  1. To Sam:

    Hey, Pup. "...I'm lea-ving on a jet plane...etc." NO, that was a lie, but Pups know when we adults are fibbing. I'm going on my motor scooter on a long trip, just ride and visit bloggers and AA meetings wherever I happen to land every day for several weeks.

    So we may have another short dry spell, you and I, but we'll get together again before Halloween.

    Keep in touch! ARF! ARF!

  2. First comment didn't make it:

    I took your challenge, got slapped three times today. But I'll try again tomorrow, maybe dump some cheep cologne on my clothes. (Don't remember the remainder of the comment, so you are ONE LUCKY DOG!) Our "big" dog is named Lucky.


  3. I agree. Good reminder for every day. You are a good boy Sam.